Action verbs are concise, dynamic, and high-energy. They also indicate initiative and creative activity. Use them to your advantage in the experience section of your resume.

Action (Power) Verbs
Accelerated Doubled Led Reshaped
Accomplished Earned Lightened Resolved
Achieved Edited Liquidated Responded to
Acquired Educated Located Restored
Activated Effected Managed Revamped
Addressed Eliminated Manufactured Reviewed
Administered Employed Marketed Revised
Advanced Enabled Mastered Revitalized
Advised Encouraged Mobilized Revived
Advocated Energized Modified Satisfied
Allocated Enforced Monitored Saved
Analyzed Engineered Motivated Scheduled
Anticipated Enhanced Negotiated Secured
Applied Envisioned Nominated Selected
Appointed Established Normalized Served
Appraised Estimated Obtained Serviced
Appreciated Evaluated Officiated Set up
Approved Examined Operated Settled
Aspired Exceeded Ordered Shaped
Arranged Executed Organized Showed
Assessed Exercised Oriented Simplified
Assigned Exhibited Originated Solved
Attained Expanded Overcame Sparked
Audited Experienced Overhauled Specified
Avoided Extended Oversaw Sponsored
Broadened Extracted Officiated Stabilized
Budgeted Facilitated Participated Staffed
Built Finalized Perceived Standardized
Calculated Financed Perfected Started
Captured Forecasted Performed Stimulated
Centralized Formulated Piloted Streamlined
Clarified Formalized Pinpointed Strengthened
Collaborated Founded Pioneered Stretched
Combined Framed Placed Structured
Commanded Fulfilled Planned Studied
Completed Generated Pleased Substantiated
Composed Governed Popularized Succeeded
Conceived Guided Prepared Suggested
Concluded Handled Presented Summarized
Conducted Headed Presided Supervised
Connected Helped Prevented Supported
Consolidated Hired Processed Surpassed
Constructed Identified Procured Surveyed
Consulted Implemented Produced Sustained
Contributed Improved Programmed Tailored
Controlled Improvised Projected Taught
Converted Increased Promoted Terminated
Cooperated Induced Prompted Tested
Coordinated Influenced Propelled Tightened
Corrected Initiated Proposed Traded
Created Innovated Proved Trained
Cultivated Inspected Provided transacted
Decentralized Inspired Published Transferred
Decided Installed Purchased Transformed
Decreased Instituted Re-established Translated
Defined Instructed Realized Trebled
Delegated Insured Reconciled Trimmed
Delivered Integrated Recognized Tripled
Demonstrated Intensified Recommended Uncovered
Designated Interpreted Recruited Undertook
Designed Interviewed Redesigned Unified
Detailed Introduced Regulated Used
Determined Invented Reinforced Utilized
Devised Invested Rejected Verified
Directed Investigated Related Widened
Discovered Judged Renegotiated Withdrew
Displayed Justified Reorganized Won
Distinguished Keyed Reported Worked
Distributed Keynoted Represented Wrote
Documented Launched Researched