Key Resume Sections: “Additional Education” or “Additional Training”

An “Additional Education” or “Additional Training” Professional resume section can be an important section to highlight, especially if your target industry is highly academic or if professional certifications and outside training are highly valued. Including this section shows that your skill set is still relevant, even if you finished your formal education years ago.

The 3 Dimensions of Effective Resume Writing:

Content in the Additional Education or Additional Training Section

  • Focus on what the reader should know and avoid descriptions that are too detailed
  • If you attended a prestigious program or institution, use the program or institution’s full name
  • If you are targeting a management role, describe the leadership and people skills you gained. If you’re going into a non-management role, focus more on the technical competencies you gained
  • Quantify results when appropriate. For example, give the number of classes you took, presentations you gave, fellow students that you taught, or the ranking of the program or institution.
  • Include any special recognitions you received
  • If you have multiple programs or institutions, consider listing only the most relevant or reputable ones

Sequence of the Additional Education or Additional Training Section

  • If your formal education is outdated, consider mentioning your additional education and training in the resume’s summary section
  • The top third of your resume is reserved for the most important information. Include your Additional Education and Training section there if it is more relevant than your work experience
  • Within the Additional Education and Training section, consider ordering the entries chronologically or by relevance

Design of the Additional Education or Additional Training Section

  • Use bolded words to emphasize the most important parts of your Additional Education and Training section
  • Bullet points or other bullet styles may also be appropriate if they don’t detract from the content’s importance
  • Images or icons may be appropriate if they are consistent other resume sections


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