“Why hire an expert to write a cover letter?,” someone recently asked us by email. “Anyone who writes can write a cover letter.”

Well, if we can all write, then why aren’t we all award-winning writers and published authors? Writing a powerful cover letter is challenging, that’s why. We don’t recommend that everyone do it themselves. Besides, some of our resume poets actually are published authors.

This email revealed something important that many job seekers don’t realize: a well-written cover letter is more of a marketing tool than a letter. It provides additional relevant information and shows that your qualifications match the employer’s needs. Winning cover letters are brief, energetic, and interesting. Needless to say, they also require a lot revision and fine tuning to be successful.

Most jobs don’t require a cover letter. Most job interviews don’t require a freshly pressed suit or dress either, but we recommend that you have one. A winning cover letter is just one more way to show that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.


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