Our infographic resumes are the perfect combination of data and design. They allow recruiters to quickly evaluate your skill set and interpret your value proposition. Most importantly, our infographic resumes are memorable and engaging.

Research shows that 90% of the information we remember is based on visual impact. For the most part, people forget what they read, but they do remember what they’ve seen. Therein lies the value of an infographic resume: a recruiter is much more likely to remember your resume than another applicant’s resume.

Recruiters experience information overload when evaluating resumes. For any given job, a recruiter can receive over 250 resumes. In other words, getting your resume into recruiters’ hands isn’t difficult, but getting them to remember it is. Let our design experts build a powerful infographic resume that will get noticed.




Service Features:
Expert content writer
Beautifully customized design
Rush delivery available
ATS Keyword-rich content
Recommended for creative professions
Delivery formats: .Pdf, .Psd
Brand new resume
Four (4) days for first draft
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