Planning to go international? This service is for global professionals and executives. Resume Poets® translates resumes and LinkedIn® profiles for professionals looking to work or expand their services abroad. We use professional translators with deep industry knowledge to translate the meaning, not just words, of your resume or LinkedIn® profile. Our translations are always performed by humans; web-based translations aren’t accurate enough for our standards.

Believe it or not, LinkedIn® allows users to host profiles in multiple languages. If you haven’t created a secondary profile language, visitors from other countries will see your profile in English. If you do have secondary profile languages enabled, then English-speaking visitors will see your profile in English, while recruiters and clients abroad will see it in your secondary or tertiary language. For consultants, executives, and job seekers, this is an excellent way to show the right people that you’re culturally aware and highly competent.

If you plan to work or do business abroad, this is a must-have service. On the checkout page, just specify which foreign language you need, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll have the translation back to you in just three days’ time.


Resume Translation


LinkedIn® Translation


Service Features:
Any language!
Professional human translation
Custom URL  
ATS Keyword-rich content
Rush delivery available
Recommended for global professions
Three (3) day turnaround
Delivery formats: .Docx, .Pdf, .Txt  
Two (2) page limit  
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