Once you’ve finished writing your professional resume, it’s time to test it. We test each of our clients’ resumes against these 15 qualities, and you should, too.

    1. Appearance: Is it enticing? Would you want to read it?
    2. Layout: Professional style, graphically presented?
    3. Length: Can you get the same effect if it is shorted?
    4. Relevance: Has extraneous material been deleted?
    5. Writing Style: Is everything grammatically correct? Spelling checked?
    6. Action: Do sentences begin with action verbs?
    7. Specificity: Is there focus instead of generalities?
    8. Accomplishments: Are your most outstanding abilities presented?
    9. Completeness: Have you left out important data?
    10. Goal Directed: Does the employer immediately know what you want?
    11. Audit Trail: Can an employer find you later?
    12. Truth: Do you avoid inflating the truth?
    13. Impact: Do you imply self-confidence?
    14. Documentation: Can statements be verified?

Relationships: Have references been informed?

Still need help writing a powerful professional resume? You’ve come to the right place. Review our other Résumé School articles, or hire one of our expert Resume Poets® to write your own professional resume.